The Beautiful Venice Canals of California

Did you know California has its own version of the Venice Canals? If there’s one place in Southern California I love to take people it’s the City of Venice. It’s where wacky and weird collide with trendy and chic, sometimes all on the same block. You’ll find some of the prettiest neighborhoods in LA. You’ll be treated to street performers and be invited to a freak show. You can watch workouts at muscle beach as you head down the boardwalk. At the pier you’ll have the perfect spot to watch surfers catch a few waves. Then head inland and you’ll find Abbot Kinney’s Venice Canals.

The Venice Canals

The Venice Canals, Venice Beach, California

Abbot Kinney envisioned a “Venice of America” resort town in Southern California with beautiful canal ways and gondola rides, amusement piers, a hot salt-water plunge, hotels and even Venetian-styled buildings. The Venice Canals built in 1905 were a tribute to the original Venice Canals in Italy. Then the modern age and automobiles came along and paved roads replaced canal ways. Soon what was left of them was forgotten, hidden away in the quiet yet lovely neighborhoods they run through.

The Venice Canals, Venice Beach, California

The Venice Canals, Venice Beach, California

The Venice Canals are located right off of 25th street in Venice Beach. You’d be surprised how easy it is to miss them. I’ve walked right by them and never even known they were there! As soon as I learned of their existence it wasn’t long before I was strolling the pretty walkways, crossing lovely white railed bridges and pretending I was in Italy for the afternoon.

The Venice Canals, Venice Beach, California

The Venice Canals, Venice Beach, California

I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon strolling through the canals. Sharing the walkways with tourists and locals out walking their dogs. Meanwhile residents enjoyed their patios, sitting and sipping refreshments, listening to music and barbecuing.

The Venice Canals, Venice Beach, California

The Venice Canals, Venice Beach, California

While it isn’t Italy and the charm of the 1900’s have given way to more modern times it certainly still is a pretty spot and a lovely stroll.

Have you been to the Venice Canals?

Discover the beautiful Venice Canals of California


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  1. Jenny says: Reply

    How lovely! I’d love to visit Venice some day.

    xoxo, Jenny

    1. Naomi K Andrews says: Reply

      It’s so pretty! I hope you get to!

  2. Awe this post made me so nostalgic! One of my favorite places! Everything about them are so cool and peaceful.

    Rachel |

    1. Naomi K Andrews says: Reply

      Thanks Rachel! This was my first time visiting them and I just couldn’t believe I’d never been. Venice is one of my favorite cities in California. I can’t wait to go back!

  3. Wow, I didn’t know this! How beautiful!

    1. Naomi K Andrews says: Reply

      I just discovered they were there a month ago! So pretty and peaceful.

  4. Divya says: Reply

    I used to live so close to this place. I miss it so much!

    1. Naomi K Andrews says: Reply

      Wow! I would love to live close to them.

  5. Kim says: Reply

    I went to Venice Beach years ago and I loved it…I didn’t realize it had the canals like Italy…so beautiful

    1. Naomi K Andrews says: Reply

      It’s really beautiful! I know, I only recently discovered them. In the 1920’s they filled in most of the canals, but they left this one small section!

  6. I’m so jealous! What lovely photos! Would love to go there someday!

    Keep smiling!
    Molly |

    1. Naomi K Andrews says: Reply

      Thank you Molly! I loved exploring the canals! They really are lovely.

  7. I have never been to the Venice Canals. These images are beautiful! I hope to one day see them!

  8. How did I not know about this! The history behind this adorable town makes me happy!

  9. I always love the Venice Canals, it’s a quiet little place in LA so I’m always there. Beautiful pictures! x

  10. Paula says: Reply

    What a beautiful place. Looks so lovely and peaceful!

    Thirteen Thoughts

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