7 Things I learned from Whole30

When I first heard about Whole30 I was instantly in! In fact I probably jumped in a little too fast. I’d completed a 21 day cleanse the year before and felt amazing afterwards. When I heard about Whole30, which was surprisingly less strict than the cleanse I’d done, I was all for it. Let me tell you, this 30 day challenge, is just that, a challenge. You have to be determined and disciplined. The rewards, however, are worth it! I’ve never been one to crash diet or watch what I eat very carefully. The thing I love the most from Whole30 was how good I felt after cutting a lot of junk out of my lifestyle diet. I am now a huge fan of feeling healthy!

7 Things I learned from Whole30

Oranges in a bowl | 7 Things I learned from Whole30

It feels good to feel good

My absolute favorite take away from the Whole30 challenge is how GOOD I feel when I make healthy choices. I was used to being unintentional about what I put in my body. When I started making better choices I started feeling really healthy. I’m proud of myself. I can’t maintain a Whole30 lifestyle indefinitely, but healthy I can pursue everyday. My mindset has definitely changed throughout this experience. I question my choices instead of making them out of habit. I’m now aware of how unhealthy feels compared to how healthy feels. I feel informed and I understand my body better.  

Prosciutto wrapped quiche | 7 Things I learned from Whole30

Your friends will surprise and amaze you

One of the biggest challenges of Whole30 is eating socially. That being said, I was beyond pleasantly surprised and grateful when my friends made an entirely Whole30 meal when they had me over for dinner! Pasta Carbonara got tossed out the window for handmade riced cauliflower, delicious steak and super yummy paleo quiche wrapped in prosciutto. I don’t expect people to cater to me, but it’s still worth being open about the challenge!

Sweet potatoes and tuna salad | 7 Things I learned from Whole30

People will want to join you

My best friend and I started our Whole30 journey together and invited others to join us along the way. During one of our challenges we were part of a support group of 30 people across that nation! You can image the fun we had sharing photos, recipes and encouragement!

Protein style burger with prosciutto | 7 Things I learned from Whole30

Healthy is tasty

I loved trying new recipes and combinations of food. It was fun to branch out on ingredients and pairings. I was surprised by what I liked. I also found that my tastes literally changed. After Whole30 sugary foods were too sweet.

Whole30 Smorgasborg | 7 Things I learned from Whole30

You actually CAN eat out

Back to that social eating challenge. It’s not the easiest thing in the world, but it can be done! Of course a little preplaning doesn’t hurt. A burger can be ordered protein style, a salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the side, and trade out the mashed potatoes for roasted veggies instead.

Tilapia, Green Beans and Julienne Sweet Potatoes | 7 Things I learned from Whole30

Healthy is a lifestyle

Being healthy is not going on a crash diet. Healthy is coming up with a well rounded and nutritious lifestyle diet. But don’t be mistake being healthy is definitely a way of life! It doesn’t happen by accident. It must be intentional.

Banana with Cashew Butter drizzle | 7 Things I learned from Whole30

You are in control of the choices you make

You have choosing power. You can choose to exercise everyday, prep for healthy meals and break bad habits. Taking on the Whole30 challenge is one big 30 day goal and goals are about making choices. There’s a lot of power and freedom in recognizing that your dietary choices truly can get you to where you want to go. No one is stopping you, but you! Are you a goal setter? I share more about choosing power in my goal settings post: 4 Key Ways to Set Achievable Mini Goals.

Have you tried out Whole30? What was your biggest challenge? What was your favorite lesson you learned?



Seven lessons I learned from the Whole30 challenge

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