11 Awesome Tips For Thrift Store Success

11 awesome tips for thrift store success.
I love finding a good deal! I get excited over surprise bargains and creating new projects from thrift store finds. There are so many advantages to thrifting! I love the challenge of working with thrift finds. Blending your finds into your current decor is so much fun. Use your find as is or upcycle it into something new. Thrifted home decor is not only a cost saver it’s a great way to repurpose.
I’ve spray painted silverware for a fun pop of color, turned books into succulent planters, and platters into wall decor. My home is full of all sorts of fun thrift finds, from the plates I use every day, to the records on my wall, to the chairs that sit outside on my patio. You’ll never know what fun thrift store treasures you will find or create from your finds!
Doing It Yourself is a passion of mine. When it comes to DIYing on a dime I’m dishing out the down low on thrifting with 11 Awesome Tips For Thrift Store Success! Read on for my savvy thrift store tips in this post for your next shopping trip.
11 awesome tips for thrift store success.

11 Awesome Tips For Thrift Store Success:

Tip #1: Timing is key:

I find that the best time to shop is the beginning of the week. Shops receive most of their donations over the weekend. I recommend you contact your local thrift store to find out when they receive the bulk of their donations shops to vary. Ask them when they put out their most recent donations. After the Holidays, Spring cleaning and the change of seasons are thrift store finds heaven. While everyone is clearing out their closets and stashes you’ll be grabbing those treasures up right and left
Find out if they have a weekly sale day! A lot of shops have a regular sale day. If they have one get on their newsletter or email list to be in the know on discount days and special deals. I also love to check out new shops when traveling or on vacation! This way I get to try out stores I’ve never been to and different locations of course have different things!

Tip #2: Make frequent trips:

The more you go, the more you’ll find. New stuff is constantly being put out and old stuff is constantly being marked down. If you are familiar with the thrift store you can make a quick pit stop to see if they’ve added any big new items that day. I scored a beautiful glass table with chairs, the day it was put out, when I was picking up another piece of furniture I had previously bought! I had them immediately put a hold sign on it for me and bought it within the hour. 
If you spot a big item you want most thrift stores will reserve an item for you for a limited amount of time. So if you see a piece of furniture you want, have them hold it for you while you shop, and decide when you are ready to check out. If there’s a big item you’re considering buying at the shop I recommend you ask them if they will reserve it for you.
Use this awesome site, The Thrift Shopper, to find a thrift shop nearby. They provide hours, addresses and reviews from other thrifty shoppers!
11 awesome tips for thrift store success.

Tip #3: Go beyond the casual browse:

When you thrift, take your time. Wander through the aisles. Browse through the books and records. The art of thrifting takes patience. So be ready to sift through things, to go slowly through things, and to not be in a rush. Sometimes those treasures get a little buried so be on the hunt. Be willing and ready to dig! Take the time to go through shelves. Look for items that have been pushed to the back. Sometimes the real treasures get a little buried so go in the hunt.

Tip #4: Make a beeline to new items:

I love looking for the cart they have on the floor as they restock the shelves. There’s nothing like being the first person to see those items! Grab them before they ever get put out on the floor!  Seriously, I look for that cart first thing to have first access to new items. 

Tip #5: Think outside the box:

Pair things together. An item by itself might not really shine until you partner it with other finds. It’s fun to get eclectic! I have a wall with all circular items hanging on it. It started with a cool vintage tin plate. Now it includes a small ceramic plate, a silver metal serving tray, two records and a chalkboard sign. Think about what you already have at home. Will it go well with another piece of decor?
11 awesome tips for thrift store success.

Tip #6: Get creative:

Does the item you are considering have additional uses?  Will it fit with something you already have? Can you make something else out of it? Combine a plate and candle stick holder to make a cake plate. A silver tray displays your beauty products. Tea cups make great jewelry and nail polish holders! Old records make great bowls like these: Incredibly Easy Vinyl Record Bowls

Tip #7: Transform it with paint:

Imagine it with a new paint job. I’ve spray painted vases, jars, plates, bowls, frames, lamp bases, trays and more. Paint has incredible transforming powers! I often look at the shape or body of an item. Perhaps it has a unique pattern or ridges that could be accented by painting it? Blend things into your existing decor by painting them to match your current theme. A group of chairs can be painted the same color to create a cohesive set. A collection of vases or bottles with different sizes and shapes can be brought together by one or two colors or even one color, but varying patterns
11 awesome tips for thrift store success.

Tip #8: Spend a little extra time in the book section:

I love finding books at the thrift store. If it’s a best seller it’ll probably make it’s way to the thrift store. Beyond reading the books there are so many wonderful things to do with used books! The thrift store is a great place to find hardcover books to do crafts with or even to use on display in your bookcase or on your coffee table. Take a peek under the slipcover to find an array of colors. Hardcover books are just pretty! If you are lucky enough to score a Reader’s Digest Condensed book – they have the loveliest hard covers! The slipcovers are completely uninspiring, but the hard covers underneath are magicalThey also make fantastic projects! Turn a book into a planter like this one: DIY Book Planter

Tip #9: Pay attention to Brand and Value:

Know what you are getting for your money. I’ve scored a Nate Burkus vase, Crate and Barrel ceramic mixing bowls, . Flip things over and read the brand on the bottom. If you don’t recognize the brand look it up, do a little quick research on your phone to see if you are actually getting a good deal or not

Be cautious of prices. I’ve seen dollar store plates for a dollar at the thrift store. Umm pass. So definitely look at labels. Some thrift stores price by item type, while others hike up the price on brands or due to location. So this tip goes in both directions. Sometimes you are getting a steal and other times you need to leave that item on the shelf. 
11 awesome tips for thrift store success.

Tip #10: Ask yourself if you’ll regret it:

You are on the hunt for a great find! There is a lot of junk to be found at the thrift store. Don’t just buy it because it’s cheap. If it’s a great deal, you have a use for it, it pairs well with things you already have, you can turn it into something new or you just know you’ll regret it if you don’t bring it home with you then go for it

Tip #11: Donate first:

Bring a donation with you and get a discount coupon you can use on your purchase that day. While this may not be every thrift store, Goodwill gives you a 20% coupon for your donation!

Okay you frugal shoppers! Those are my eleven tips for thrift store success! Did you find this post useful? Let me know! Have a great Thrift Store tip of your own? I need to hear it! Be sure to share with us all in the comments section! 
Happy Thrifting
xoxo Naomi

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