Easy Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make

Mother’s Day is on Sunday and I’ve rounded up a list of easy last minute Mother’s Day gift kids can make. She’ll love all of these lovely handmade gifts. They’ll be even more special because her kids made them!

Tiered Jewelry Stand

Easy Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts Kids Can Make

When it comes to making your own treat or cake stand the options are endless. Use plates, bowls and candlesticks you already have or pick them up at your favorite store, thrift shop or even the dollar store.

Three plates from the dollar store – two medium and one large – were perfect for this project. For a variation you could use a smaller plate for the top or even a bowl. I have a lot of jewelry so this treat stand double functions perfectly for me as a jewelry display. Read more.

Painted Wood Bead Necklace

Easy Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts Kids Can Make
Big statement necklace are definitely in style. My favorite part of this DIY is that your options are endless. You can paint the beads any color you want. Go for pastels for a more vintage look or neons for a modern chic look. Kids can make this gift personalized just for mom. Let them paint it the colors of their choice or mom’s favorite color. They can each make one or work on a necklace together. It will be even more special because they made it! Read more.

Marbled Nail Polish Mugs

DIY Marbled Mugs
I love this DIY Marbled Mugs with Nail Polish Project. Pick up some white mugs from Target or the Dollar Tree, for this project super easy project. I’ve seen this idea floating around pinterest for a while so we decided it was time to give it a try! House of Hipsters has a great tutorial that I followed! Can you say pinterest success? Read more.

Seashell Tealight Candles

These Seashell Candles are the easiest DIY you’ll ever make! And it’ll only cost you a few dollars. The dollar store had bags of decorative shells in stock which are perfect for this project. I picked up a bag of seashells and a pack of tea light candles. If you live by the ocean and can find and collect them for free that’s even better! If you can’t find them at a the beach or dollar store, you can usually pick up a pack from your local craft store. Read more.

Plant a Succulent in a Seashell

DIY Succulent Seashell | My Fair Olinda
A friend gave me a seashell and I just had to plant some succulents in it! I’m a California girl through and through so having pieces of the ocean in my garden and home are the perfect little touches of nautical to add anytime. I love the contrast of the green against the white and pink of the shell. I also picked up a mint green watering can thinking a succulent would fit nicely inside. Now what else can I think to plant succulents in? Read more.

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