How to Gain Focus: Make Multitasking a Thing of the Past

How to gain focus: make multitasking a thing of the past
Let’s face it multitasking is a myth. There I said it. The days of listing your mad multitasking guru skills on your resume, with pride, are long over. I used to feel a little bit too proud of my stellar multitasking juggling abilities. I mean look at all the plates I’m spinning how many plates can you spin at a time? I know, I know, it sounds impressive. We are still holding on to that idea, but it’s become a dinosaur. It’s time to leave it in the past. It’s time to move forward and stop multitasking today. Whoop whoop! Are you ready?!
First of all our brains don’t actually multitask. Shocker, I know! What our brains are doing in reality is switch tasking. It’s like channel surfing. You can flip back and forth between two shows at a time, losing pieces, moments, of each show in the transition. Sure, you are grasping the story line for the most part. That doesn’t mean you aren’t losing key details and information needed to see the full picture. You are failing to engage with either. Ugh. And here we thought we were doing so well.
Every time you force your brain to switch back and forth you are losing time. Would it surprise you to learn that it would take you less time to do the tasks back to back? It takes more effort to tackle them all at the same time. It’s true! The more we try to multitask the more we tax our brains. We are draining ourselves of energy and mental capacity in those moments. You are also training your brain to lower its attention span. The more you multitask the less capable you become at focusing for long periods of time. Stop the insanity now!

Make Multitasking a Thing of the Past

Multitasking lowers productivity and creativity. The more we multitask the more difficult it becomes for us to have new ideas. Multitasking has now backfired on us. In essence we are training ourselves to be less efficient. By focusing on one task at a time we increase our efficiency and our innovation. Are you ready to stop multitasking today and start gaining focus?
How to gain focus: make multitasking a thing of the past - Stop Multitasking Today

Tips on how to free yourself from multitasking:

  1. Change your mindset:

    It’s time to see multitasking for what it is. Recognize and accept that multitasking isn’t what you thought it was. It’s not some magical task conquering trick to get more done. It doesn’t help you work faster or smarter. You have to believe that multitasking isn’t effective. Instead embrace single tasking! It’s not easy at first. Choose to be present. Create a culture around your work that allows you to invest in the project in front of you. You’ll need to intentional and work that mind shift. You can do it though. I know you can!

  2. Prioritize your tasks:

    No more going back and forth between tasks. Instead make a list of all your tasks. Then number them in order of importance. Approach your tasks one at a time until each task is accomplished. Stick to each task until it is completed. Only move on to the next task once you have finished the one before it. When prioritizing try to group like tasks together as well. Structure your tasks so that you can tackle a group of similar types of tasks back to back. This way you’ll breeze through the simple tasks and have more brain power to concentrate on the tough ones.

  3. Identify what helps you focus:

    Are you struggling to focus on the task in front of you? Start by identifying why. A big part of attempting to multitask results from feeling bored. Find ways to make your least favorite tasks more interesting. Find yourself distracted by other thoughts? Keep a note pad nearby to jot ideas down, but don’t switch over to acting on them. Stick to your current task to accomplish it. Another big reason we lack focus is that we’ve trained ourselves to have short attention spans. Set a time goal to stick to a task and start lengthening your attention span.
 To empower yourself to gain focus set goals for your day. Meeting goals will positively reinforce your efforts to stay focused because it will be tied to getting things accomplished! Be intentional about what you want to get accomplish and work with purpose.

  4. Take regular breaks:

    Give yourself a breather when you need it. If you are struggling through a task instead of switching to a new task take a moment away. Get up, take a little walk, go outside, choose something tech free that gives your mind a real break. Avoid distractions like your phone, social media or t.v. during your break. Those activities do not give your mind the rest it needs. After taking a break return to the same task as before and approach it feeling refreshed with new motivation.

    Need help recapturing your motivation? Try these five steps.

  5. Don’t be in a hurry:

    Allow yourself the time you need to do your task well. Give your full focus to the task at hand. Go for efficiency. How does slowing down make you more productive and more efficient, you ask? It’s counterproductive to rush a task and not do a good job. Trying to juggle multiple tasks at once in order to get them done quickly also leads to more mistakes. We think the power of multitasking comes from accomplishing many things in a short amount of time. Since we’ve established that isn’t true try slowing down and simply doing the job at hand justice.

Any great tips you have to add to this list? Let’s hear them!


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