Failing at your goals? Now is the time to get your drive back!

Failing at your goals? Now is the time to get your drive back #goalsetting

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Failing at your goals? Now is the time to get your drive back. Are you at a loss to why you aren’t killing your goals? You set them, you were excited about them and then what happened? You got off track, you lost motivation, you became discouraged and this led to letting them go. I know you want to accomplish those goals! That’s why you set them in the first place. 

When it comes to being driven to meet goals it’s about being intentional to live with purpose and with passion!

Goals help you live intentionally. When we make goals they give us clear objectives and take us beyond hoping to actual achievement. Don’t be discouraged. Do get ready to get intentional.

Be intentional with your goals to live with purpose.

To get your drive back I’ve come up with seven positive tips to get your drive back today. Start utilizing them now for goal crushing success.

Failing at your goals? Now is the time to get your drive back:


Set goals to focus on the important things. If you know what you’re working towards you can make better informed choices to meet your goals. Living a life with purpose means figuring out the things that mean the most to you. Pursue those things. I find it helps me to answer my WHY. If I know what I’m meeting those goals for I maintain motivation. The steps to achieving goals are not always motivating for us. We will feel tired, we will get bored, we won’t feel like it. What is it you are working towards? 

I ran on the cross country team in high school. It wasn’t the actual running part that I enjoyed. Weird, right? Some people enjoy running. So to say that running was my least favorite part of cross country sounds pretty funny. What I enjoyed was being in shape, the accomplishment of finishing a race and most of all being on the team. There were days when I didn’t feel like running in the hot desert sun during practice. Days when my legs burned from doing calisthenics in the sand or when my feet had blisters after a ten mile run. It wasn’t the running that I was doing it for. The running was the action that allowed me to achieve my goals.

Remember that while the actions you need to take may not be your favorite part the end results WILL be worth it! Find your purpose. State your purpose. Pursue your purpose.

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What are you passionate about? Step outside of that little box known as your comfort zone. Put yourself out there, explore new ideas and take risks. Have a crazy idea or two you are dying to try, but worried will flop? Try them anyways. Go ahead, do something you’ve never done before!

Are you worried about what others will think or if they’ll approve? Why are you worried about how they’ll react? Do some serious self-analysis and dig deep. Ask yourself, what’s the worst that could happen? And can you live with that? What if you fail? Are you willing to face failure to at least have tried?

Our passions will not come to us. They will not magically fall into place.

Passion comes with fire and drive and risk and zest!

Look at how you’ve done things before. Did you get the result you were looking for? What worked well? What didn’t work? When you set goals be willing to do things differently. The whole reason you are setting goals is to make changes and find forward momentum. So be brave and go for it!


It’s also very important to prioritize and focus on one key goal at a time. Make sure that goal takes precedence and is accomplished before moving on to the next one. Goals not only give you direction, they give you a destination. A point to work towards. Think of your goals as your mapped out route to success. Goals not only keep you organized they keep you on track. If you know what you’re working towards you can make better informed choices to get there.

Set goals and focus in on your passions to translate what you love into something you can share with others. Coming up with goals means narrowing in not only on what you want to accomplish, but how you want to live. Think of goals as a way to organize your life priorities. What is of greatest importance to you? Start there. Hone in on what you care deeply about and let that influence your goals. 


Break your goals down into mini goals. This will keep you from becoming overwhelmed.

I need to have daily, weekly and even monthly goals to get me to my final goal. So getting specific is important. For example, say I want to establish healthier habits this year. I need to break things down by making a series of mini goals. As I make these goals inside of goals I will hone in on things more and more as I go.

Take that goal and break it down into bite size pieces. Create benchmarks, timelines, what you’ll do each day, how much time you’ll spend, where you want to be at in a week, a month, a year… 

How do I breakdown the big goal = Establishing Healthier Habits? Because that goal is vague. Here’s some ideas on what getting specific looks like:

  1. Components of Healthy Habits:
    1. Diet
    2. Exercise
    3. Routine

Let’s start with breaking down diet. By diet I mean eating plan and approach (not to be mistaking with a fad or trend).

  1. Create a weekly meal plan
  2. Drink 8 glasses of water a day
  3. Cut soda completely
  4. Do food prep once a week to stay on track

And so on and so forth, breaking down exercise (ie. how many times a week for how long), then routine (ie. when you’ll go to bed to get enough rest) until you have a full plan of attack with each broken down item serving as a mini goal.

Take the time to check in on your goals through out the process. Ask yourself what’s working, what’s not working. Evaluate goals as you go and feel free to make adjustments. Choose to have the attitude that you can meet your goals and don’t give up!

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