How to Pull Natural Elements Together for a Thanksgiving Tablescape 

It’s the week of Thanksgiving and between the turkey, relatives, traveling, overnight guests and all the hustle and bustle you probably have a lot going on this week. I’m traveling to my best friend’s home in Nevada, but that doesn’t mean I can’t put together a pretty Thanksgiving tablescape. If you haven’t figured out your table decorations yet, that’s okay! I’m sharing how to put a beautiful, budget friendly, Thanksgiving tablescape together. Even if it is last minute.

I enjoy incorporating natural elements into a variety of my decorating. It’s peaceful to comb the beach for sea glass, shells, rocks and driftwood. Living near the beach it’s an easy theme to center my home décor around. I enjoy finding ways to create and fill my house with coastal inspired home décor. I love pulling inspiration from the beach and ocean to create a calming and pretty color palette.

In the Fall I start collecting pinecones, seed pods, drying out flowers and collecting colorful leaves. The best part of bringing in design and décor elements from nature is that it’s free. All it costs you is your time. I’m usually a guest at someone’s Thanksgiving table. I love seeing the unique and creative ways someone dresses their table.

Growing up my cousin Tanya and I were given the task of setting the table at our grandparents for family gatherings and holidays. I looked forward to pulling out my grandma’s tablecloths, cloth napkins and beautiful white dishes. We would fan fold napkins on plates and fully set the table – all the silverware and glasses, including cups and saucers for after dinner coffee to go with the dessert.

I’ve never lost that love for setting the table. What you are really doing is setting the scene. The table is where life happens together. A delicious meal and an abundance of laughter and joy is shared. Conversation flows and community is deepened.

Create a simple yet lovely Fall tablescape to gather around by pulling natural elements together for your Thanksgiving table:

Let nature do the work for you. Take a walk and gather greenery as you go. Why buy when you can forage! First I collected long branches from a pepper tree which is common here in Southern California. To find similar branches look for a tree with long thin willowy branches. I used these branches to create the base of my long centerpiece lay. Next I added Eucalyptus branches. 

I visited the Los Angeles Flower District a few weeks ago and came home with the most fantastic assortment of flowers and foliage. I save eucalyptus, blue thistle and seed pods from a bouquet I had made. I’m all about re-purposing whenever I can. If you buy evergreen and long lasting greenery you can find many ways to use it over and over again.

Once I had the eucalyptus laid I added mini white pumpkins and pomegranates picked from a tree in my backyard. I love the pop of white and red against the greenery. You can create all sorts of variations with what you have on hand. Instead of pomegranates you could use persimmons or apples. Then I added in my blue thistle and branches from an evergreen tree with lovely light gray blue berries that feel like soft velvet (I haven’t figured out what they are called, so if you know please share with me!). However you create this look the trick is to layer as you go, filling in gaps until you have a full and festive tablescape.

Looking for even more inspiration? Check out my Seaside Autumn Tablescape and this Fall forage leaves runner I created.

How do you decorate your Thanksgiving table?

xoxo Naomi 

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