Four Simple Inexpensive DIY Wrapping Ideas

Four Simple Inexpensive DIY Wrapping Ideas

Have you ever received a gift that’s so beautiful, so fantastically wrapped that you don’t want to unwrap it? My step-mom Susan’s gifts are like that. She has the most fantastic collection of gift wrap, ribbon, ornaments and garnishes. It isn’t just her supplies, but the way she creatively uses them to turn her presents into true works of art. Every year I save the ribbon, tags and embellishments from my gifts turning her collection into my collection. Shh don’t tell! There is something so lovely about a beautifully wrapped gift. I love wrapping a gift so prettily that the receiver doesn’t even want to open it.

Four Simple Inexpensive DIY Wrapping Ideas

It amazes me how simple brown paper is instantly transformed with a gorgeous piece of ribbon. I shop for Christmas ribbon after Christmas and save every scrap of ribbon possible to have a fun variety to create with.  Gather together wrapping paper, a roll of crepe paper, ribbon and glitter ornaments from the dollar store to combine for a festively wrapped gift.

Once I have all my presents wrapped in paper I start matching the length of ribbon scraps to the size of the boxes. Working on a budget and with what you have forces you to get creative! I had three pieces of really beautiful ribbon that I want to work with for these gifts, a candy cane piped ribbon, a gorgeous double sided ribbon – red on one side and green on the other – and a fabulous peacock patterned ribbon.

For the candy ribbon, it was a pretty short piece so I used it on a small box and tied a nice big fluffy bow. For the red and green ribbon a stack of three boxes made a lovely little tower and showed both sides of the ribbon off. For the peacock ribbon I wanted to really showcase it. I used it on a wrapped journal and tied it in a big bow.

I found a glitter reindeer ornament at the dollar store and really wanted to wrap with it. I also had red and white wrapping paper and gold crepe paper on hand. A lot of what I end up using in projects comes from using what I have on hand. I love the challenge of getting creative with things I already have. I wasn’t sure about using crepe paper, but I really like the way it turned out.

How do you get creative with your Christmas wrapping?

xoxo Naomi


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