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I love setting goals. Even better yet I love crushing goals. Nothing feels as good as actually achieving your goals. I’m big on effective goal management. It can get overwhelming though, can’t it? From big goals to small goals it can feel like a daunting task at times. Have you ever wanted someone to simply take your hand and guide you step-by-step through planning your goals? Beyond help with the planning stage, it’s important that we don’t remain stuck there. We need tools to launch us beyond planning into action.

When it comes to getting after those goals, fellow goal crusher, Nadalie Bardo, put together a 60+ page planner to help you Slay Your Goals. I was given the opportunity to check the planner out and review it for you! (I received the planner complimentary in order to review and am an affiliate member for It’s All You Boo)

Already a fan of all things planners and goal setting, this planner is an awesome tool to help you get honed in on your dream goals. It’s beautifully laid out, full of ways to break down and think through your ideas and filled with awesome inspirational quotes.

Slay Your Goals PlannerI love breaking things down, setting and achieving goals and making plans. I’m such a details girl so sitting down to put pen to paper and dive into the planning process is my happy place. Already a fan of Nadalie’s, I was so excited to review her Slay Your Goals Planner. I have some goals I’m currently working on so this planner was the perfect tool for me to try out. 

As much as I love setting goals that isn’t the part I’m most passionate about. Don’t get me wrong I love creating goals. What I’m really passionate about is achieving goals. That means setting actionable goals. Maybe you are in the same boat as me? You’ve been pushing, striving, planning, running after that dream. Some days you are killing it and some days you are so overwhelmed you wonder why you are going after that dream.

The Slay Your Goals Planner has five helpful chapters to get you diving into your goals.

Chapter One: Set Your Intention.

This chapter is all about getting your dream idea(s) out on paper. This chapter helped me take all these ideas I’ve had in my head and get them out, nice, neat and organized.

Chapter Two: Choose Your #1 Goal.

These ten pages shift gears and get you prioritizing. In this section you go deeper into your intention coming at it from different directions, assessing it as a S.M.A.R.T. goal and asking yourself what it is you want to achieve.

Chapter Three: Four Mini Goals.

I’m all about mini goals. Breaking your goals down into parts is a key element of successful goal management. In this section you will create quarterly goals as well as mind map your goals.

Chapter Four: Plan Your Year.

Yes, you read that right! Your year. Now before you panic, you don’t actually have to plan your whole year out! However, these 13 pages help you break your year down, provide calendars and pages to plan out your goals over the course of a whole year. Pretty awesome.

Chapter Five: Review Your Goals.

This section includes daily reflection sheets and month in review sheets to help you follow up and adjust your goals as you go. It’s important to ask yourself what is and isn’t working as you work towards your goals.

I asked Nadalie what inspired her to create the planner and what her favorite section in it is. She shared with me:

I first had the idea to create a planner shortly after my decision to leave the 9 to 5 world. I’d spent months on this journey of discovery – learning more about myself, soaking up everything about blogging and business, trying new things and really figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. Amidst all of this I was crazy planning out all these ideas and projects. One minute it was starting a non-profit, the next I was back to building my photography business, or off chasing something else. And guess what? I was just wasting time, I wasn’t actually getting anywhere because I was stranded in planning land. 
I would have loved to have the Slay Your Goals Planner then. I remember wondering, “what if there was something that could help guide me out of the madness into motivation? How awesome would that be!” Even before creating my blog, It’s All You Boo, I knew I wanted to design a planner that would go beyond helping you stay organized and on-time, but keep insanely motivated and on-fire for slaying the heck out of your goals. And here it is. 
I’m in love with every detail and chapter of the Slay Your Goals Planner, almost as if I wasn’t the one who created it. My favorite details are the carefully curated quotes on every page and how there’s a section for every single step of the goal slaying journey. Whether I’m lost and not sure what I’m even trying to achieve, or if I need help organizing my weeks and days, there’s a chapter for that! I will admit that my favorite pages are the night owl and early bird time tables, they were so fun to create. 

The planner is more than just a great guide. It’s filled with useful tools and if you are ready to go after your goals I highly recommend checking it out! Get your own Slay Your Goals Planner now!

Nadalie asked 47 experts to share how to achieve your goals and I was honored to be included in the list! Check it out here to read the experts tips and read what I shared was most important to me when goal setting.

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xoxo Naomi

So what are you waiting for? Start Slaying Your Goals now!

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