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Hello! I’m Naomi and I love to create. Welcome to My Fair Olinda where Doing It Yourself rocks and creativity is celebrated.  

The name of my brand My Fair Olinda comes from my love for heritage. It was because my Grandma Joyce passed beautiful vintage pieces of my Great-Grandmother Olinda’s on to me that I first began to love all things vintage! A spin off of my favorite movie, My Fair Lady, my brand name shares a piece of my heritage with all of you.

My Fair Olinda was born out of a passion to inspire through art, design and beauty. I am inspired by being in nature, the intricacy of patterns, uniqueness in shape, subtly and vibrancy of color, ocean waves crashing on the shore and chasing the sunset.

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More numerous than sand is the love of my Savior for me. I’m humbled by this love of my Lord Jesus Christ. I am a daughter of the King most high.  I am reminded often how small I am and yet the God of this universe would think of me. The Lord hems me in– behind and before; He has laid His hand upon me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain (Psalm 139).

I love to share what I love with people who love it too. Thank you for reading.

View More: http://juliamary.pass.us/naomia

View More: http://juliamary.pass.us/naomia